Bo & Dusty

By Ron Robbins,
edited by Frank Perry


Stewart Dustin Taylor, IV, "Dusty":
Against his father's objections, Dusty applied and was accepted to the University Of Georgia School Of Law in Athens, GA. Dusty is attractive in a fussy sort of way. Unfortunately, he is aloof and has no close friends. Dusty has a dark complexion with curly light brown hair and brown eyes. He is 5'10" tall with a slender yet solid build. Dusty is above average in intelligence, sophisticated and an 'A' student. He is the scion of a very wealthy family and is wealthy in his own right.

Beauregard Austin Richmond, "Bo":
Bo hails from Richmondville, AL, a small rural town two hours from Birmingham. Bo is 6'3" tall, blond, short, curly hair and a jock. He is outgoing and friendly, was a fullback on his High School football team, was senior class president and valedictorian. With his high GPA, and athletic record, he was offered several University scholarships. He accepted the full four-year scholarship to the University of Georgia, School of Law. His family, hard-working poor farmers, was hard pressed to scrape up his expenses for the first year at State. After the first year he was on his own. His parents' small farm barely broke even, so Bo couldn't count on their financial support. Bo has two brothers and three sisters living at home. He knew that the only way he was going to make it through college was to work hard and maintain his GPA through college. He was determined to get away from the farm. He did not want to end up a poor dirt farmer.

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